B1: Left Behind by Dai Sugano


The story’s different elements are very interesting and the visuals are informative. The video footage of Mumbai in the first minute of the piece shows the viewer the harsh realities of living in slums. Later on, Dai Sugano adds facts about poverty to support. For example, the screen reads, “456 million live on less than $1.25 a day.” I did not realize India’s poverty rate was high prior to watching the piece. Therefore, I found the huge numbers of people who are affected by poverty to be striking.

I would like to see adjustments be made to the audio that was used in this particular multimedia piece. The soft sounds set a serious tone and I think that the story could have significantly benefitted from incorporating voices of people explaining what it’s like to experience poverty first-hand. If men, women or children who live in the slums were asked to talk about what their typical day looks like, I think the viewer would be drawn deeper into the story. Overall, I thought Dai Sugano’s work was intriguing and professionally done.


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